Accelerated Training

Accelerated Training

Our accelerated courses are not for everyone.  However, if your schedule is such that you cannot accomplish your training taking two or three sessions a week, or you want to come to Colorado and focus on achieving your aviation objective, then an accelerated program might be just the thing! All certificates and ratings can be tailored in an accelerated form per the customer’s request, timeframe and budget.

Private Pilot Certificate – 30 Days

If you have passed your FAA written test, our accelerated program, which consists of two-a-day, 4 hour sessions, 5 or 6 days per week can enable you to achieve your Private Pilot certification in as little as one month.  If you already have some flight training in your logbook, it is not wasted as all of it counts. Our focus is on helping you complete all of the specific requirements needed to earn a Private Pilot Certificate such has:  cross-country instruction, solo flying, night and instrument training, airborne and ground reference manuevers proficiency and so forth, along with building both the knowledge and airmanship skills necessary to become a competent and confident VFR pilot.

Instrument Rating – 15 Days

As with the accelerated private pilot program, the accelerated IFR program is designed for the pilot who has already completed the FAA written exam, accumulated the majority of the 50 hours of cross-country PIC time required and is both able and ready to focus full time on achieving an IFR rating.  The program is built around two sessions per day. Each session is 4 hours, 5 or 6 days a week learning the ins and outs of the IFR system, the standards involved, and the rules & regulations along with all of the procedures IFR pilots must know and utilize.  The objective of our IFR program (accelerated or normal) is to provide our clients with the knowledge, skills and experience necessary to confidently join the ranks of the IFR rated pilot group.  Whether this is undertaken in a compressed time frame or spread out over whatever time it takes, shortcuts are not a part of the program.  Skill, understanding, applied knowledge and flight proficiency are the true measures of success.

“Over the past year I have been trying to finish up my IFR rating and just had too many distractions while close to home/work. I decided to do a “finish-up” and after talking with Jay Cronk over a couple of days I felt comfortable and committed. I arrived at the FBO and it was spotless, as was the CE-172 we flew. Jay was an incredible instructor and 3 days later I passed my practical and had the IFR ticket! I wouldn’t hesitate to use Colorado Flight Center and Jay Cronk again, and will probably do additional training with him. It’s difficult to find instruction/instructors these days that are committed and focused on making sure the student feels confident and comfortable and well-trained, and not just building time to go to the airlines! These guys are professional instructors! It’s easy to realize almost immediately Jay loves what he does! Thanks again Jay!” Joshua (Central Ohio)