Advanced Training

Technically-Advanced Aircraft Training

The general aviation cockpit had a major face-lift a few years ago, and it will never again look the same. The glass cockpits installed on commercial jetliners are now standard equipment on all newly-produced training and personal aircraft. These aren’t simply bells and whistles to dazzle youthful pilots, but represent the latest design and safety mechanisms available today. Pilots and students of all levels who want to fly this new generation of aircraft can do so at Colorado Flight Center. If you are heading down the professional flight path, or are considering purchasing a new Cessna aircraft, talk with us about these innovations, and log some training time in the newest airplane from the world’s oldest and most recognized name in general aviation aircraft.

In keeping with our commitment to educate according to the latest General Aviation standards, we specialize in training for all Technically Advanced Aircraft (TAA), including the “Glass Cockpit” systems provided by Garmin, Avidyne, and Aspen, or any aircraft equipped with GPS navigations systems, multi-function displays, and autopilots. For those of you who own a TAA, we can help you get the most out of the new technology. Our instructors are familiar with most Honeywell Bendix/King, Garmin (including Apollo and UPS), Avidyne, and Aspen avionics and EFIS systems.

Several of our rental aircraft are capable of flying the GPS WAAS instrument approaches which provide both lateral and vertical guidance (glideslope) to near precision approach minimums. The Garmin 430 and 530 GPS receivers are upgradeable to WAAS capability. Give us a call if you’d like to try out the future of instrument approaches.

“I have flown extensively with Bradley Sullivan as well as other instructors at Colorado Flight Center and found them to be extremely professional, well versed inflight ops,  instruction and a joy to work with. In addition when our 17 year old son decided to learn to fly, we chose Bradley and Colorado Flight Center to provide the instruction and prepare him for his check ride. Both his mother and I were comfortable with the instructors and pleased with the instruction and training our son received from Colorado Flight Center. I believe he was well prepared for his check ride and was provided instruction resulting in him becoming an excellent, safe and well trained private pilot! Bradley operates an excellent, well run flight school.”  Mark