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Aircraft Management

If you’re an aircraft owner and don’t want the hassle of worrying about your aircraft maintenance, storage and currency, Colorado Flight Center can help. Here at CFC we are a full service aircraft management business, ready to assist you in all aspects of flight management ensuring your aircraft is ready to fly when you are!

Our team offers specialized knowledge and support in many aspects of aircraft ownership and operation including:

  • Preparing aircraft pre-purchase proposals
  • Searching for and assisting in aircraft acquisitions
  • Managing all aspects of aircraft importing and certification
  • Developing an aircraft operational cost budget
  • Turnkey operation of your aircraft through our existing operating certificates and licenses
  • 24/7 centralized dispatch for all scheduling with online service
  • Preparing monthly reports detailing your aircraft’s hours, trip reports and expenses
  • Providing competitive aircraft insurance rates due to an untarnished incident/accident history
  • Positively offsetting operating costs with savings through our fuel and other service providers

With today’s emphasis on management productivity, business aircraft play a strategic role in the daily operations and development of your company. The purchase of an aircraft has many advantages and is just one option among many. Colorado Flight Center offers programs and consulting services that enable you to benefit from the inherent advantages of business aircraft utilization. Please, call us today for a free consultation or a more in depth travel analysis.

Aircraft management in Grand Junction, CO

Aircraft Ownership

There are many opportunities available for aircraft owners at Colorado Flight Center that make aircraft ownership more affordable. We offer leaseback opportunities for those interested in purchasing an aircraft that can be used in the school and off-set a significant amount of the cost of ownership.

Aircraft ownership in Grand Junction, CO

Additionally, aircraft placed in the school are professionally managed for the owner and are always available for the owners use.  Maintenance is coordinated for the aircraft and all inspections are kept current.  The aircraft is kept ready to fly when you are!

Contact us today to see how easy it is to own an aircraft for business and pleasure.

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