Commercial Pilot Shortage


Aviation industry leaders around the globe are preparing for what has been said to be largest Commercial Pilot shortage in history. Due to recent changes in FAA regulations, mandatory retirement of Airline captains and new emerging markets, the time to pursue a career as a Commercial Pilot has never been brighter. According to Boeing, the Chicago-based airline manufacturer, airlines will have to hire 498,000 pilots, about 25,000 each year, to support all the new aircraft they are expected to add to their fleets over the next two decades. Some aviation analysts indicate that U.S. airlines may see a pilot crunch as soon as this year, as thousands of pilots start to retire and the implementation of new rules requiring extra training and more rest time.

Kit Darby, an aviation consultant who runs a career information service for pilots, says of a looming shortage.”I think this is going to be much larger and much longer than any we’ve had before, and the reason it’s going to be so much worse this time is we have a combination of things happening at the same time.”

Don’t take our word for it, do some research for yourself.

Most regional airlines prefer their pilot candidates to have an Associate’s Degree and most major airlines require their pilots to have a Bachelor’s Degree. One of the best ways for students to fulfill their degree requirements is to combine their flight training with our on-line educational program.

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