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There is no greater thrill or sense of accomplishment than learning how to fly! The freedom and satisfaction of flying an airplane is something you can achieve with the right training, location, and aircraft.

Our location in Western Colorado is one of the best in which to learn how to operate an aircraft in today’s flight environment. Our Grand Junction location offers several key advantages that will complement your flight training:

  • A control tower providing a safe and stable learning environment
  • Immediate access to a variety of airports and airspace within Western Colorado
  • 360 days of sunshine, guaranteeing a consistent training schedule
  • Less aircraft traffic ensures more airtime for you

Colorado Flight Center uses some of the most efficient, and reliable and easy to fly aircraft in the industry!  Our instructors are some of the most skilled and season in the industry and have been specifically trained by several aircraft manufacturers to the FITS standards for their TAA aircraft.


We are pleased to offer the following training or certificates

Private Pilot

Instrument Rating


Certified Flight Instructor-Instrument

TAA Training


Smiling female pilot in the light aircraft cockpit, she is holding aviator headset and looking at camera

Sport Pilot

Commercial Pilot

Certified Flight Instructor

Multi-Engine Flight Instructor

Mountain Flying

Recurrent Training

Tail Wheel Training

Accelerated Training

If your schedule is such that you cannot accomplish your training taking two or three sessions a week, or you want to come to Colorado and focus on achieving your aviation objective, then an accelerated program might be just the thing!Learn More »

Technically Advanced Training

If you are heading down the professional flight path, or are considering purchasing a new Cessna aircraft, log some training time in the newest airplane from the world’s oldest and most recognized name in general aviation aircraft.Learn More »

Recurrent Training

All pilots are required to complete a Flight Review according to FAR § 61.56 every two years.  We are happy to provide the flight and ground instruction for you to meet this requirement.Learn More »

Mountain Flying Training

Colorado Flight Center provides several options for mountain flying training.Learn More »

Multi-Engine Flight Training

Colorado Flight Center has several flight instructors with significant experience and training in multi-engine aircraft.Learn More »

Redbird Sim Training

Redbird TD-2 Incredibly Realistic Simulator Training!Learn More »

Tail-wheel Training

Colorado Flight Center has several flight instructors with significant experience and training in conventional gear (tail-wheel) aircraft.Learn More »
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