Why Rent

Why Rent?

Well, because it just makes sense. With all the extraneous cost today in aviation, aircraft rental is becoming a very popular way to have access to great, well maintained aircraft at a fraction of the cost of ownership. Let us worry about insurance, maintenance and acquisition cost and you focus on what you really want which is the freedom of flight.

Colorado Flight Center boasts the largest, most modern and well maintained aircraft fleet in Western Colorado and Eastern Utah. With seven aircraft to choose from, we are sure you will find one that fits your mission. Our check out and currency requirements are painless and designed around industry standards. Our insurance is excellent and covers you, the renter, so no need for extra renter’s insurance.

Aircraft rental has never been easier with our on-line scheduling software, Flight Schedule ProYou will have up to the minute notice of aircraft availability status. When you’re ready to fly, rest assured there will be an aircraft available and ready for your flight!

Is it time to fly? Let Colorado Flight Center help!